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Room prices for 1 or 2 persons are according to the season.


A third person could be admitted in one of the rooms for a small additional quantity per night.


We offer plentiful  breakfasts of great quality.


The CUC is the Cuban convertible currency. Dollars, euros or any other foreign currency should be changed to CUC for all commercial transactions in the country at the rate given by the Central Bank of Cuba.








To know disponibilities, prices, or any other information and to make your booking, please send an email to:


(If Windows Mail doesn’t open when you make clic in the above address, please copy and paste it in your favorite mail server)


You will have an answer to know the disponibility on that date without delay. Once your booking is confirmed we will send you the house address and telephone number. Your booking is guaranteed and you can count on it.   You are dealing with serious and professional people. If you cannot come on that date we kindly ask you to please tell us in advance.


Don’t trust the offers of taxi drivers of cheaper places when coming from the airport. Mostly these places don’t have license for rent neither the quality and class that you deserve.

Tenant’s opinions:


I will keep very good memories of my stay in this beautiful house and garden with so many plants.  And of course of the very nice
hospitable hosts. Many Thanks.
Lisa Taylor, Swizerland                 August-Sept. 2013.


Thank you Tony and Diana for a wonderful stay in your beautiful home.
Extra thanks from Miranda for taking me to the clinic! We recomend your casa to everyone in England.
Muchas Gracias”,

    Miranda, Lauren, Nauit. 

UK, September, 2013


Our accomodation in your home  overcome all our expectations. We feel better that in our own house,

We will always carry in our hearts Tony's histories with the motorcycle, of the Revolution, of how one lives in Cuba. When we return to Cuba we will return to this house, that’s for sure.

        Alejandra Schkeil and Ariel Leza. Argentina. October, 2013.


Thank you for your hospitality, our stay in Havana was extremely agreeable, your  indications were by all means correct. We take in our heart your histories, they gave us a different vision. My admiration for your strength of spirit, may God continues blessing you greatly.

       Jaris Mena and Ingrid           Percy, Barranquilla, Colombia. October, 2013.

Prices and booking

Casa Diana Habana