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Photos of the house

In this beautiful dining room breakfast will be served with care, good quality and taste. Each day you may have a continental breakfast with fresh tropical fruits and natural just-made juices.

Beautiful interior “patio” besides the dining room which offers a calm environment to enjoy your daily breakfast, a good way to begin the day.

It’s delightful to sit here to rest, talk and enjoy a relaxing and friendly  environment any time you like.

                     House gallery

In this spacious gallery or “portal” you can relax and chat after  returning from your visits, enjoying a cold drink while looking at the people in the streets going-by, as it is customary in tropical countries.


This is the beautiful lobby that welcomes you into the house. Through the stairs you arrive to the room that is in the first floor.

Living room

You will be welcomed in this main living room on arrival. We will give you all the information you need to have more fun in your holidays and enjoy your staying. It’s our pleasure to  help you organizing your trips and visits.

Dining room

Interior garden 

Interior corridors through which you arrive to the room in the ground floor

Other corners that you will discover

Casa Diana Habana